Our Mission

StEP connects people and develops an environment that benefits health and well-being.

To inspire, StEP promotes sustainable exercise by demonstrating affordable, enjoyable and convenient activities and events

Sustainable Exercise Partnership is an organisation that brings together fitness, health and wellbeing resources for visitors, subscribers and supporters to access. It focuses on promoting environmentally friendly travel (“active travel”), fitness events, local walks and other means of improving physical and mental health.

Our main focus is on physical activity outdoors, however we also recognise the importance of home exercises and activities to strengthen the body, improve movement coordination, flexibility and health. We support organisations with these objectives.


We are looking for partner organisations, businesses and individuals that run events to share them with us, so we can share them out to our followers.

We are looking for sponsors, businesses and individuals who want to add content to our resource centre. It could be additional exercise ideas, places to go and explore, a list of organisations that are local and not national (we don’t know them all!).

And, we are looking, for people who may want to contribute with financial support or time to help us develop our website, resources, social media and reach.

Please fill out the form and send a message to StEP.  Alternatively you can contact us via our Facebook page or Twitter account.

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