The Joy of Running in Newcastle-under-Lyme

Doing a Double Wammy

Running elevates our mood. The science of physiology and psychology, as well as numerous reports by so many, proves this therapeutic effect. Greater effects are felt when jogging through parks and along quiet roads and lanes. Newcastle-under-Lyme has many of these, and the Wammy parkrun to walk or run to.

Running gives rhythm, it increases circulation throughout the body, it can also help with purpose. All these improve one’s well-being. When we achieve something purposeful it makes us feel better in ourselves. When the purpose helps others, we achieve twice. Running or walking to the Wammy parkrun and volunteering there, gives us a Double Wammy.

Therefore, I set off from home at 8.15am, running through the Three Parks, the cemetery park, along the river Lyme, through Elizabeth Park through the Newcastle Greenways to report for duty with the welcoming run directors of The Wammy parkrun. I got to know Laura and Gary Morris (see picture) who walked from their car and were running the Wammy. They often volunteer at parkrun. In that way they get their exercise in with the required 5.000-10.000 steps: helping others and helping themselves. Laura explained how it has helped her confidence, socially and physically.

Staffordshire Exercise Partnership - Wammy parkrun with Laura and Gary Morris and volunteers

I put on my high-viz and jogged to my marshalling point, stopping for a chat with old friends. So many cheerful friendly people, all benefitting from the mood elevation that running and walking in parkland gives. Parkrun gives you a training run, as well as a volunteering and a spectating opportunity.

Sustainable Exercise Partnership - Wammy parkrun with Adri running as volunteers with other volunteers in background

This Saturday I watched and cheered on 158 runners. 22 of them, including both Laura and Gary Morris, scored a Personal Best. 21 runners / walkers were first timers for the Wammy parkrun. All were supported by the Team of 26 volunteers.

This amazing event for our town is happening every Saturday. Just turn up at 8.45am and you’re given a volunteering job or can join in the run / walk. Socializing, getting fit, helping others, there’s easily a triple Wammy in there.

After a coffee at Ken’s café, and a chat with old friends, I set off for another run through the parks back home, ready for my shower and oatcakes, with lots of my Saturday left. In a good mood, well circulated and feeling fit.

Why not join us next week .