How To Reduce Your Carbon Footprint While You Exercise.

With Climate Change being a prominent contemporary issue, trying to reduce our carbon footprint is a great way to try and mitigate against climate change. There are many ways we can try to reduce our carbon footprint and live sustainably and exercising is one of them! Check out the ways you can reduce your carbon footprint whilst exercising.

  • Active travel – try and swap journeys under 10km for methods of active travel, such as walking, running, cycling and scooting. Check out StEP’s Under 10K Challenge video for more information.
  • Exercise outdoors – exercising outdoors instead of using the gym means you save the use of electricity that would be used if you do your workout at the gym for equipment, lights and air conditioning. Not only this, but you will save the carbon emissions that would have been released by a motor vehicle used as transport to the gym.
  • Reduce or reuse – when exercising, try to use a reusable bottle for your drink. Try to use a towel to wipe sweat instead of tissues. Try to wash your workout gear with a full load of washing and try to avoid using a dryer where possible as they use a lot of electricity.
  • Take shorter showers – following your workout, try to take shorter showers, as this will reduce the water consumption. Try to avoid taking a bath as this uses a lot more water.
  • Try to reduce meat consumption – although protein is a must before and after workouts, the production of meat is very energy intensive and uses a lot of resources so swap some of your meat for plant-based foods which are high in protein.
  • Recycle – you can incorporate recycling into your work out! For example, fill old plastic bottles with rainwater and use them as a similar resistance to dumbbells. When changing a tire on your car, keep the old tire and use it as a weight to drag. You can get as creative as you like with this!